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Is my athlete eligible to participate in Special Olympics? – Eligibility for Special Olympics

What are the athlete’s responsibilities? – Special Olympics Athlete Responsibility


If you are a new athlete to Special Olympics, you must complete these forms BEFORE you start pratice – that includes a medical visit or having your medical provider fill out a form. 

If you are a returning athlete and need to update your medical forms or other forms, you need to do so BEFORE your medical expires. 

The following three forms are necessary to be eligible to participate.  Submit them to [email protected] or turn in at practice. 

  • Athlete Registration Form (NEW 12/2017)- This form asks for contact and other information.

  • Medical Form (Application for Participation in Special Olympics North Dakota) (NEW 12/2017)- This form is designed to identify health concerns that are more common among people with intellectual disabilities and clear an athlete to participate. Please fill out the Health History section on pages 1 and 2. If you do not understand any parts of the form, you may leave those parts blank to be discussed during the exam. The Physical Exam section on page 3 should be filled out and signed by a licensed medical professional (for example, Physician, Registered Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant).

  • Athlete Release Form (NEW 12/2017) – This form goes over some important details about Special Olympics participation. New athletes will need to complete. Athletes who already have the 2017 release form on file will need to complete the new release form when their medical is due.  Please take care with question 4.


If an athlete wishes to drive separately and not ride the bus to out-of-town events, a transportation release must be signed before the event.  If this is not done, the athlete will not be allowed to compete.  Athletes with a driver’s license are NOT permitted to drive themselves to any tournaments where transportation is provided by SOND. This release form applies only to athletes riding with parents or other family members and/or athletes driving separately with staff members/group homes

Transportation Release Form

Overview for North Dakota Athletes

Proven Benefits of Special Olympics

  • Physical: Physical fitness along with increased coordination, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance.

  • Mental: Knowledge of rules and strategy along with increased self esteem, self- confidence, and pride.

  • Social: Teamwork, interaction with peers and people without intellectual disabilities opportunity to travel and learn about other places and interests, family pride, and increased community awareness and acceptance.

Competition Experience

  • Provide realistic experience to improve confidence
  • Encourage performance under pressure of real competition.
  • Break down small aspects of competition to provide feedback
  • Enforce Official competition rules

Year-Round Sports Training

  • Training and Competitions are held year-round across the entire state of North Dakota.

  • Athletes train for a minimum of 8-10 weeks prior to competing at a State Competition

  • Practices are conducted by well-trained coaches in accordance with standard sport rules, formulated and adopted by Special Olympics.

Definition of Eligibility

Age: 8 years of age and older to train and compete

Registration: An athlete must submit all forms to participate in Special Olympics

Identification: By their localities/agencies as having an intellectual disability -OR-  By their localities/agencies as having closely-related developmental disability

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